Q.  Who needs title insurance?
A.  Anyone interested in protecting their real-estate investment.  If a problem occurs with your title and you do not have title insurance, you could lose everything!

Q.  What exactly is title insurance?
A.  Title insurance from Southern Title of Ohio protects you from loss if the ownership of your home is ever challenges.  Check out our "Helpful Information For Our Customers" page for greater detail. 

Q.  When should I get title insurance?
A.  It is important to seek out a reputable title insurance company as soon as your begin the real estate buying or selling process.  You can request that Southern Title of Ohio handle the title insurance to any agent that may be helping you. 

Q.  Where does Southern Title of Ohio do business?
A.  We bridge that important gap between Toledo and Cleveland.  Southern Title of Ohio services Erie, Huron, Ottawa, Sandusky, and Seneca Counties at competitive rates.

Q.  Why Southern Title of Ohio?
A.  Experience.  As residents, we know the area and are active in the community.  We are group of family members and skilled professionals, capable of handling the most problematic title and closing issues.  Chances are, we've seen before and know how to fix it!

Q.  How do I contact Southern Title of Ohio
A.  You can start with this web page by simply clicking here sam@southerntitleofohio.com to send an e-mail to our manager.  Or, feel free to call us toll free at (888) 309-6525.


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